Flirting SMS is synonymous with text flirting for guys. Text flirting is your answer to instantly making yourself irresistible to her. The 3 main reasons you should use text to flirt are: 1) you want to be on her mind all the time and texting lets you do that, 2) re-establishing and furthering your connection with her is pretty easy with text messages and 3) text messages are one of the most effective channels for joking around with and bantering with her (which is awesome for flirting).

Flirting SMS, and specifically, using texts as a flirting medium for guys has grown so popular nowadays that in their 2010 Sex Survey, Shape and Men’s Fitness Magazine published these results in regards to sex and texting:

* Text messages are the leading method of contact couples use to speak with each other.
* Men use texts roughly 40% more than they use the phone to talk. Girls use texts roughly 150% more than they use phone to talk.
* Almost 70% of respondents have sent “sext” messages before
* Nearly 70% of respondents state that they have been asked out via a text message.
* About 50% of women and 30% of men say that they have broken up through a text message.

To further support the popularity of flirting SMS, even supermodels are giving advice about text flirting:

So if you still want to know if texting is useful for attraction, the answer is YES! If you’re also asking yourself how to flirt with a girl over text messages, here is a set of Flirting SMS texts and PUA text messages that have proven to be successful for most other men:


– Surprise!
– Knock knock…
– How’s my favorite little brat been?
– I just made you check your phone for no reason. Seems like I got you under control…
– What up munchkin, I bet my weekend can spank your weekend.
– What type of trouble are you getting into now?
– I’m using candy to lure girls to come to my place, you have a choice between skittles or m&ms.
– Hey, text me back real quick. Just say Hi or something. All my friends don’t believe that retards can text. We’ll show ‘em lil buddy!
– Hey princess, I just got back from the aquarium and I saw the cutest little fishy there and it reminded me of you…
– I hope you are smiling. If not, then just think of me!
– Aliens are coming to abduct all the good looking and sexy ass people on this planet! Don’t worry, you’ll be safe. I’m just texting you to tell you goodbye.
– I miss you and want to see you, but this damn worker won’t let me inside the zoo. Do you think you can escape?
– Random fun fact: Did you know a blue whales tongue weighs about as much as an elephant?! That’s insane. Gotta love Animal Planet on the lunch break…
– I just met your twin!
– U just popped into my head so Hi…now please stay out of there.
– Every time I see you, I smile. When you walk, I laugh. Whenever you talk, I get excited. For some reason, retarded people are really entertaining to me!


– What a crazy fun night!
– I hope u get back safely
– Don’t dream of me too much…


– I have to tell you, among all the [first name] [last name]‘s I know…you’re probably my favorite.
– I’m not sure who you’re boyfriend is…but he’s sure not spanking you enough!
– Awwww, u’re too sweet. I think you’re making me get diabetes.
– I just don’t think we should be doing this anymore. I’m more than just a boy toy, you know.


– I was just thinking of u…
– There’s something about you that just always makes me smile.

By using the flirting SMS texts and PUA text messages posted above, you’ll be able to build initial attraction with her right away.